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Getting Up Close & Personal With My Cycle

Around 8 months ago, I decided to have my contraceptive implant (the rod) removed. It was something I had thought over for a while and didn’t take lightly, as it had been my favourite form of birth control for around 5 years. 

But then I heard about the possible connection between depression and hormonal contraceptives. Now, I don’t know for sure that there is a link, for all I know there may not be. However, I started to think back to when my depression started to plummet and it was around the time I first got the implant. Coincidence or not, I was having severe bouts of depression and did not want to risk messing with my hormones further in case I was making it worse. 

The nurse wanted me to try another form of contraception, but I just didn’t want the side effects that come with all these hormonal contraceptives. I had also heard about a few natural forms of contraception/pregnancy planners and was always tempted by them, until I saw the price. For that price, I could carry on being safe by using condoms! 

Condoms, however, are not biodegradable and for obvious reasons cannot be recycled and ya gal here is not about that life. I am trying to minimise my single use waste in every way. 

Around 3 months ago I discovered Natural Cycles, the only certified contraceptive app. It is very affordable, 100% natural and super effective. 

In order for Natural Cycles to work, all you need to do is measure your temperature in a morning using a thermometer under your tongue, enter the data into the app and it will tell you whether you’re on a red day or a green day. On red days you will be fertile and will need to use protection, but on green days you will be free to have sex unprotected (be careful about STI’s) as you will be unfertile on them days. Every cycle is different, but you can only get pregnant on up to 6 days in every cycle, this app helps you find those days using a clever algorithm. 

It takes a few months for the app to get used to you so I had a lot of red days at first, but now only a few months in I am already starting to get so many more green days. I love having peace of mind that I’m not going to get pregnant until I’m ready, and knowing that my hormones are not being messed with in any way and I am not having horrible side effects. I also feel like I’m learning a lot more about my body and it feels great. I feel great. 

For now I’m using the app as a contraceptive, but if and when I choose to have a family, I feel assured that I will be able to successfully plan it using Natural Cycles. 

Peace & Love, Sian

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