It baffles me why some people still wear fur. I mean, we all grew up hating Cruella right!? Those poor, spotty puppies! Well what’s the difference? The animals killed and skinned (alive – may I add!) for Canada Goose are bloody adorable. 

Fur farming was banned in the whole of the UK in 2002. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that fur products can still be legally imported from other countries and sold here in the UK. Most of this fur comes from countries that have next to zero animal welfare laws at all. Ouch, no such thing as “humane slaughter” there!

You hear all too often about high street companies being caught out using animal fur and selling is as faux, often without their knowledge, because of the importation of fur. 

So many places, including West Hollywood and Sao Paolo have adopted a ban on the importation of fur. Let’s hope the UK is next! 

You can help by signing this petition:

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